• Apple Varieties
    Apple Varieties Jonathan, Golden and Red Delicious, Abas, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji and Pink Lady
  • Australian Orchards
    Australian Orchards Australian family orchards - boutique summer fruits. Cherry picking
  • Bacchus Marsh
    Bacchus Marsh 40 minutes west of Melbourne, on the road to Daylesford and the Macedon Ranges
  • Bacchus Marsh
    Bacchus Marsh On the way to the Great Ocean Road, come and fuel up on fruit!
  • Family Activity
    Family Activity Bring your guests to experience an Australian family orchard and pick their own fruit.
  • Family Orchard
    Family Orchard Paynes Orchards has been operated by the Payne family for generations.
  • Fruit Selection
    Fruit Selection Cherry picking November December - Stone fruit late Summer, apples in Autumn
  • Fruitful Outdoors
    Fruitful Outdoors Visit the Australian Outdoors and choose your special fruit
  • Melbourne Victoria
    Melbourne Victoria Local farms around Melbourne have rich histories and proud ancestry
  • Parking and Access
    Parking and Access Car park in front. Walking inside orchard. If you have a bus, please tell us in advance

Closed for Winter

June 2020 -- Our fruit is finished for this season. Thank you to everyone who made this such a fun fruit season!

And thank you very much to everyone that made our Mother's Day fundraiser such a success!

We will announce Cherries and more, starting in November. Blossom will start around September.

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Autumn cherry trees

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Paynes Orchards is open in Summer and Autumn, whenever fruit has ripened ready for you to pick.

Drive in when the red and yellow fruit flags go out at the entrance, and signs indicates "OPEN”.

  • Pick your own visits - pick and buy your fruit fresh from the tree!
  • Choose from fresh produce in the sheds when available.
  • Our family has operated the Bacchus Marsh orchards for nearly 50 years.
  • We grow and sell direct to the public.
For specific current fruit selection please see the status box on the right, or like us on facebook.


Paynes Orchards is in the town Bacchus Marsh, 40 minutes west of Melbourne.

By road, take the Western Highway (sign-posted road to "Ballarat"), exit at Bacchus Marsh.

You can also take a train from Southern Cross station to Bacchus Marsh station.

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Pick Your Own Fruit


Granny Smith 

Open Monday 8 June

No Entry Fee

Open 10AM - 3PM.

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Location Map Payne's Orchards


Updated - 8 JUNE 2020

372 Bacchus Marsh Road
Bacchus Marsh, VIC 3340